Booting from USB

Since 20110710, the udpcast boot dialog is able to boot from USB, and also save its configuration there. This page describes how to set it up.

Preparing the USB stick

Assuming, the device is /dev/sdb, the following commands set it up for USB booting.
test -d ${DIR} || mkdir ${DIR}
mount ${DEVICE}1 ${DIR}
grub-install --no-floppy --root-directory=${DIR} ${DEVICE}
This sequence only needs to be performed once to make the stick bootable via grub.

Adding udpcast to it

To add Udpcast to the boot menu of the stick, create a ${DIR}/boot/grub/grub.cfg file with the following contents (or, if you already have a grub.cfg with other systems, just add this paragraph):

menuentry "Udpcast" {
  linux /boot/udpcast/linux --
  initrd /boot/udpcast/initrd
Then copy linux, initrd and pxelinux.0 to ${DIR}/boot/udpcast. When done, don't forget to unmount the device:
umount ${DIR}