Prerequisites / Misc hints


If you use UDP-Cast to duplicate OS installations, all participating machines should be rigorously identical hardware-wise. Most notably:

Note about copying to hard disks with different geometry:

Tuning hints

  1. Chose the proper duplex mode: if your network has a Hub, use --half-duplex, if it has a switch, use --full-duplex. If the network is mixed (central switch, hubs around), use --half-duplex
  2. If you have a switch:
    • enable "IGMP snooping".
    • If hubs are connected to your switch, disable flow control on the ports to which the hubs are connected. Disable flow control is also necessary (on all ports where udp-senders site) if IGMP snooping is not available or not working correctly.
    • Disable Broadcast Storm Control (or else the switch might consider the udpcast session as a broadcast storm, and slow it down...)
    • If too many retransmissions happen in full-duplex mode, consider lowering the slice size using the --slice-size option (default is 112).