Udpcast compilation instructions

Compiling udpcast itself (server version)

  1. Untar the file:
    tar xzvf udpcast-20230924.tar.gz
  2. Cd into the source directory:
    cd udpcast
  3. Compile:
  4. As root, install:
    make install
This gives you a standalone udp-sender and udp-receiver, suitable for use on a filesserver. For the bootable version, see below.

Compiling the menu system

The bootloader of udpcast version uses busybox. In order to save space, it should be compiled against uclibc rather than glibc. So, before compiling the menu system itself, you first need to set up uclibc'c buildroot environment.

Building buildroot environment

Buildroot is an environment to compile programs with uclibc instead of glibc.
  1. Download buildroot fromhttp://buildroot.uclibc.org/
  2. Unpack it
  3. First run make menuconfig
  4. Select the submenu ToolChain
  5. Scroll down
  6. Enable large file (files > 2GB) support
  7. make
  8. Put the resulting output/host/usr/bin/i386-unknown-linux-uclibc-* files in a directory which is in your PATH (for example/usr/bin)

Compiling the boot dialog itself

In order to compile the menu system, first get the following software, and put them into one directory:

To compile busybox with the udpcast menu system, download a virgin 1.36.1 busybox tar file (or later) from http://www.busybox.net/, and proceed as follows:

tar xfjv busybox-1.36.1.tar.bz2
cd busybox-1.36.1
tar xfzv ../udpcast-20230924.tar.gz
(cd udpcast-20230924  && ./configure)
tar xfzv ../udpbusybox-20230924.tar.gz
../addBbApp.pl udpcdialog udpcast-20230924
cp ../busybox-config-mini-1.36.1.txt .config

Copy .config.maxi to .config and compile again to get the "fullbox" version (for CD, USB and netboot images).

If you need to patch udpcast or udpcdialog with your own modifications, you may do so before make.

Compiling a kernel for udpcast

Here is a kernel .config file, set to include all that is needed by udpcast, and yielding a 1.3M kernel. Use it as follows:

cd /usr/src/linux-6.1.55
cp /Downloads/udpc-config-6.1.55.txt .config
make oldconfig
make dep && make bzImage && make modules && make modules_install
/usr/lib/udpcast/makeImage -t net-mod.tar.gz -k /usr/src/linux-6.1.55/arch/i386/boot/bzImage  -f /dev/fd0

For network and CD boot images, you do not need to watch space.

You can also download a .deb or RPM with a pre-compiled kernel and its modules.