[Udpcast] option --nokbd doesn't send data

Luke Robison robison at arlut.utexas.edu
Wed Jul 14 20:13:18 CEST 2021

I am trying to push data through a one-way pipe in an automated way
using udp-sender and udp-receiver.  I have a working example, but can't
get the --nokbd option to work on the sending side.

Working Sender:

    yes | ~/udp-sender  --async --fec 8x6/64 --max-bitrate 500M -f

Receiver Command:

   ~/udp-receiver  --pipe ~/rx_hook.sh --nokbd

But notice I have to pipe the "yes" command into udp-sender to trigger
the start from udp-sender.  When instead I use --nokbd on the receiver, 
it hangs waiting for something after the control message.  True to the
documentation, it doesn't ask nor accept input, but it seems to fall
into a default of "don't send" rather than a default of "send
immediately" as I would expect.

$ ~/udp-sender  --async --fec 8x6/64 --max-bitrate 500M -f
.tmp_send_tarball.tar --nokbd
stripes=8 redund=6 stripesize=64
Udp-sender 20200328
Using mcast address
UDP sender for .tmp_send_tarball.tar at on eno3
Broadcasting control to
<hangs here...>

Am I missing something?


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