[Udpcast] Udp-sender take 3

William Smith WSmith at ket.org
Tue Aug 7 02:02:28 CEST 2012

Sorry, was on vacation when you answered...  Setting the family fixed the bind problem.

Using async mode and a --max-bitrate I can get it to run if I assign two different IPs to --mcast-rdv-address and --mcast-data-address.

I'm now working on the getting the rate governor to work. 

It appears that udp-sender  gets to the broadcasting control message and stops even in async mode..

Command is:

udp-sender -f filename -- async --fec 8x8 --mcast-rdv-address --mcast-data-address -g ipe.so:ip=,port 1024 


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On 2012-07-27 02:21, William Smith wrote:
> Ok got a Fedora box up and running and got the ipe.so made but have hit a snag..
> When I use the --rate-governor option the system reports a bind: 
> Address family not supported by protocol error

Did you supply an ip=xxx and a port=xxx value to --rategovernor?

Such as
 --rate-governor ipe.so:ip=,port=4000

If that doesn't help, try adding the following line before the bind call in ipe.c (line 218):

  me->recv.sin_family = AF_INET;

> I think its an IP4 IP6 issue but don're really know where to address it as its been about 10 years since I played in Linux.

Currently, UDPCast only supports IPv4

> Thanks
> William



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