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Sumit Arora sumit at alldeankenya.com
Tue May 25 12:45:15 CEST 2010

Dear Abraham


Thanks for your assistance.


Now I know what mistake I was making, I was presuming that I have to run the
utility first and then give the command

Udp-sender -f Kenya.doc as was shown in the snapshot.


But now I successfully transferred a file between 2 PCs but will further
test with multiple machines.


On website I found that there are set of commands to use in satellite
environment, Uni-directional mode; Keyboardless mode etc.


1.	Is there any mode or log file where I can get details of receivers
that have received the file successfully and those who have not yet received
this file.
2.	Can we have keyboard less mode or unattended mode for receivers. My
aim is that the receiving PCs should have UDPcast receiver running
continuously and as soon as there is a new file from server it starts the
transfer without any manual intervention.


Please suggest.


Thanks and Best Regards.


Sumit Arora



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To: Sumit Arora
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Subject: Re: [Udpcast] Using Windows version of UDPcast 201005241607.AYC
201005231203.AYC Re:201005220726.AYC


Hi, Sumit:

0)    Thanks for the snapshot of the Command Line Windows. This is the
environment that I have been working with. Yours does look different.

1)    However, instead of just typing "udp-sender" as MS-DOS mode command to
start the process as you did, the proper syntax on the Sender side should be
"udp-sender -f kenya.doc", where "kenya.doc" is the file that you are
attempting to send, based on what I can decipher from the latter part of
your snapshot.

2)    I do not understand why the text string "udp-sender -f kenya.doc"
shows up between the "Broadcasting ..." and the "New connection .."
messages. Did you input this articular string at certain point of the
process? For sure, "kenya.doc" sounds like a custom file name controlled by
you. Neither MS-DOS nor udp-sender.exe could have dreamed up with this on
their own.

3)    According to the operation conventions that I have been observing, the is the IP address of the intended receiving PC, correct? What
did you see on the screen of the receiving PC?

4)    The "read: Not enough space" message is somewhat deceiving, because it
also shows up when no filename is specified.

5)    By the way, the udp-sender for my experiments is running on a WinXP PC
with the same [Version 5.1.2600] MS-DOS mode. 

6)   Another thing. It seems that I can not receive your reply eMails. So
far, I only see other colleague's Mails commenting on your eMails to me.
This "relay" type of phenomenon is a bit strange. So, if I am not responding
to your eMail in the future (My discipline is within 24 hours.), it may be
caused by this phenomenon. (If you do "Reply All" to my eMail, I should get
two copies of your messages, one direct and one through udpcast reflector.
It is fine with me.)

Abe (2010-05-24, 16:28)

Knight Samar wrote: 

Sorry, the proper syntax is:

udp-sender.exe --file insert-your-favourite-1mb-file-here

On Tue, May 25, 2010 at 12:00 AM, Knight Samar <knightsamar at gmail.com>

And did you try sending a file ? 

udp-sender.exe insert-your-favourite-1mb-file-here


On Mon, May 24, 2010 at 7:08 PM, Sumit Arora <sumit at alldeankenya.com> wrote:

Dear Abraham/Samar


Thanks for your response.


I am giving this command on command prompt using the file actual file name

And now I am getting error as mentioned in snapshot below.




Please suggest.


Thanks and Best Regards.


Sumit Arora


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