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Abraham Y. Chen AYChen at Avinta.com
Fri Jul 2 21:26:51 CEST 2010

  Dear Sumit:

1)    I am afraid that you are attempting to stretch UDPcast towards the 
opposite direction of what is its original intention, that is, to 
distribute update files to multiple client PCs in one shot. This is what 
the counter in Sender is for.

2)    If there are 10 clients to receive update files, the Sender can 
start the "batch" job once the counter has reached 10. On the other 
hand, if one or more receivers failed to log in, the person in control 
of the Sender can make a decision as whether to wait or to send update 
files to those already logged in, leaving the last few to be dealt with 
later in additional "batches".

3)    Looking for additional Receivers in the middle of broadcasting 
files to those already logged in will demand for more processing power 
from the Sender. With the procedure available in Pt. 2), this complexity 
is not justifiable.

Hope my reasoning makes sense to you.


Abe (2010-07-02, 12:25)
> On 2010-07-01 23:07, Sumit Arora wrote:
>> Dear Abraham
>> Thanks for your response and help.
>> Your inputs are very well taken but think of a practical scenario 
>> where there are 10 users and 9 logged in but 10^th didn't (due to any 
>> reason)
>> Nobody will be able to receive file as 10^th has not logged in. This 
>> makes the situation impractical in real life and the purpose of the 
>> software
>> gets defeated where its aim is to transfer file to multiple users in 
>> one go.
>> Thanks and Best Regards.
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