[Udpcast] Using Windows version of UDPcast 201007010035.AYC Re: 201005241607.AYC Re: 201005231203.AYC Re:201005220726.AYC

Sumit Arora sumit at alldeankenya.com
Thu Jul 1 13:19:34 CEST 2010

Dear All
I have observed a scenario where I have observed that If in UDP sender I
give following command
“udp-sender --file "White_paper_Multistream_R1.pdf" --full-duplex --portbase
3001 --blocksize 1100 --interface --mcast-data-address --max-bitrate 128000 --log log.txt --nokbd --bw-period 2
--daemon-mode --min-receiver 1”
And UDP receiver I give command
“udp-receiver --file "White_paper_Multistream_R1.pdf" --portbase 3001 
1. A user logs in as a client – File transfer starts for this user. 
2. During this transfer 2nd user log in. 
3. The file transfer for first continues till it gets finished. 
4. For 2nd user the file transfer never starts. I have to close the UDPcast

   server and give command. 
Practically it should work which means that if my server is running it
should cater to client users as and when they login to it.
Please suggest, may be I am making mistake somewhere.


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