[Udpcast] performance problem

motchane at iut-orsay.fr motchane at iut-orsay.fr
Tue Sep 22 20:14:01 CEST 2009


I have a performance problem with udpcast :

- when I send data from one machine s to 2 machines r1 and r2 (all are 
connected with the same switch, all 1000M network card) with : 
udp-sender   --full-duplex --min-clients 2 --max-wait 300 --interface 
eth0 --mcast-all-addr --portbase 2232 --ttl --file /home/test
udp-receiver --mcast-all-addr --portbase 2232 --ttl 1 > /dev/null

I have a bit rate of 9.47 Mbps.

-when I send data from s to either r1 or r2 with the same commands, I obtain  
945.55 Mbps !

I use the last version of udpcast (udpcast-20090920) and Debian Lenny.

Do you have any idea of why and how to solve this ?


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