[Udpcast] Udpcast 20090830 and gzip'ed data

David Gnedt david.gnedt at platinumzone24.at
Thu Sep 10 20:15:39 CEST 2009


First I want to thank you for that great piece of software.
I am using Udpcast in the opensource cloning solution OpenClone

When testing the new Udpcast version 20090830, I discovered a bug.
If I try to transmit gzip'ed data with this version, the receiver breaks
the transfer after a very short period of time (usually less than a second).

For example:

$ udp-receiver -f /dev/null
Udp-receiver 2009-08-30
UDP receiver for /dev/null at on eth1:0
received message, cap=00000009
Connected as #0 to
Listening to multicast on
Press any key to start receiving data!
bytes=      98 304  (  6.17 Mbps)
Bad base 98304, not multiple of block size 1456
Transfer complete.

$ gzip < /dev/urandom | udp-sender
Udp-sender 2009-08-30
Using full duplex mode
Using mcast address
UDP sender for (stdin) at on eth0
Broadcasting control to
New connection from  (#0) 00000009
Ready. Press any key to start sending data.
Starting transfer: 00000009
Disconnecting #0 (
bytes=      98 304  re-xmits=0000000 (  0.0%) slice=0112 -   0
Transfer complete.

Udpcast version 20081213 hadn't any problems with gzip'ed data.

David Gnedt

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