[Udpcast] Udpcast for streaming data.

Jorge Muñoz Castañer jorgem at enigma.det.uvigo.es
Wed Sep 2 10:33:07 CEST 2009

Alain Knaff escribió:
> Alain Knaff wrote:
>> On 07/22/09 18:36, Jorge Muñoz Castañer wrote:
>>> Hi list,
>>> I was looking for a tool to send a stream of data with FEC where the 
>>> client/receiver can connect even if the stream has yet begun. I haven't 
>>> found anything but Udpcast that can do anything similar. I think that 
>>> maybe an "streaming" option can be added so the sender sends Hello 
>>> packets at the end of a block of slices+FEC so a receiver can hook to 
>>> the UDP stream.
>>> What do you think about this? Can this be made modifying Udpcast without 
>>> broken it all? Is there another software that I can use?
>>> Greetings,
>>> Jorge M
>> Sounds like a good idea. I'll consider adding this for the next version.
>> Regards,
>> Alain
> I just released version 20090830, which has support for this idea.
> You can now add a special flag (-Z or --streaming) to the sender, which
> makes it retransmit HELLO packets during the transmission, which
> receivers can then use to "jump onto" the ongoing transmission.
> Regards,
> Alain
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Hi Alain,

Sounds great! Thanks Alain. I'll test it and tell you anything.

Jorge M

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