[Udpcast] Udpcast Digest, Vol 57, Issue 5

Kari Hyvönen karhyv at dlc.fi
Tue Mar 25 18:34:25 CET 2008

udpcast-request at udpcast.linux.lu kirjoitti:
>> We have used udpcast for a while at our school and it has performed
>> flawlessly. Recently, we have cloned succesfully a bunch of Dell
>> Optiplex 745 machines. Now, at another site, cloning is erratic. Most
>> receiving machines get "rogue packet" messages, and on these machines
>> the cloning seems to "hang". However, some machines finish ok. Is this a
>> network switch problem at the site or something else?
> I had the same problem, with more than one udp-sender/receiver processes 
> over "one wire". Maybe an other multicast application at the same time? I 
> have a switched network. 
> Stefan
At our site one the receiving workstations turned out to be faulty. It 
may have caused the error - the exact mechanism would be nice to know. ;)

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