[Udpcast] Timeout errors in UDPcast

Brent Putnam bputnam at novell.com
Thu Jul 31 20:19:21 CEST 2008

Running SuSE SLES10/SP2 and an image of about 17GB. When multicasting clients, performance appears to suffer from a excessive number of timeouts and/or retransmits. If the images are smaller this is not a problem, but we currently need them this size. 

The errors appear frequently: 

Timeout notSnasweed=[1] notReady=[1] nrAns=2 nrPart=3 avg 10193 

We added the configs of rmem_default and rmem_max in the /tftpboot directory substructure in init.d for the client. It does seem to affect the speed, but still winds up bombing out on the big partition (~17GB). 

It's an IBM blade center w/SAS drives which do not have cache. 


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