[Udpcast] clonezilla, drbl and udpcast

allcoms allcoms at googlemail.com
Thu Jul 24 18:45:48 CEST 2008

Hi udpcast list!

I work as an IT technician and certainly one of the most invaluable
tools for my line of work has become the excellent open source cloning
app Clonezilla. I have found it many times faster than ghost in
creating images of NTFS partitions as well as being more reliable in
many cases too. AND its FOSS so- very cool tool indeed!

Clonezilla has a server-side counterpart app called drbl (diskless
remote boot Linux). drbl is still in beta but when its finished it
aims to provide functionality similar to Ghost Server, as found in
Ghost Solution Suite. drbl uses udpcast to do its broadcasting of
images over a network and the easiest way for people to try out drbl
is to download drbl-live from





I can't wait to be able to totally replace Ghost with clonezilla/drbl,
but I'm unable to switch from ghost server to drbl for 2 reasons

1- drbl-live server setup script/ ncurses GUI currently presumes you
have multicast capable hardware and doesn't offer a mode to utilise
udpcasts -brdcast mode easily yet but the author says he'll think
about adding this capability.

2- drbl-live also requires that you either enter a specific time to
wait or number of clients that have to connect or both. In my
experience with using ghost server to image many machines you will
know how many machines you WANT to image but you don't know how many
of them will actually be able to connect to the server due to hardware
failures and also you don't know just how long it will take to get all
the machines connected to the server. Hence, I want drbl-live's
Clonezilla server setup script to be able to work just like gs in that
after setting the network settings and selecting the image to be
broadcast etc. I would just select 'Listen for clients' or whatever.
Then I would have an indefinite amount of time to run around and TRY
to get everything connected to the drbl server. As each client
connects to the server, it would get registered on the drbl console.
When I've connected as many machines as possible, I would just be able
to hit a key to start the broad/multicast. Setting a definite amount
of time to wait or number of machines wouldn't work for me!

The author of clonezilla and drbl has told me that #2 isn't do-able
because this isn't supported by udpcast. Is he mistaken?

Thanks for your help!


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