[Udpcast] Other Application of UDPcast Capability (200812161107.AYC)

Abraham Y. Chen AYChen at Avinta.com
Wed Dec 17 00:04:18 CET 2008

Dear UDPcast Members:

0)   I am new to this mailing list. I was recently made aware of the 
UDPcast facility. I am impressed by its simplicity and cross- platform 

1)   What brought me to you is the search for a networking tool that I 
have identified for many years. It appears that if we can configure the 
front end of the UDPcast (just the initial phase of "broadcasting" and 
"listening" part) to provide a near-real time overview of all active 
devices on a network, we can empower mass consumers with a pieced of 
crucial baseline information., that is, the instant health status of 
their SOHO (Small Office Home Office) or Residential network, even 
without an IT manager nor any technical know-how.

2)   I am a system engineer trained in hardware designs emphasizing 
traditional RF and telephony. I can identify potential new applications 
based on capable technical ingredients within an existing product. 
However, I am not good at the actual detail implementations, especially 
software. Since UDPcast is the result of an open source effort, I 
thought that it would be prudent for me to check with you to see if 
anyone would like to work with me on the idea that I have, so that the 
outcome can benefit the general public.

3)    For those interested in what our team has accomplished up to now, 
please have a look at a set of overview slides:


    With basic network architecture and transmission capabilities 
identified for satisfying MaP (Mom and Pop) type of users, we have been 
looking for the next level intuitive building block. That is, with so 
many devices possible on a SOHO network, how could an owner get a 
concise visual summary of which ones are currently online? Once this is 
provided, MaP will have a clear reference line to deal with potential 
cause of network issues, either by doing their own "unplug and swap" 
substitutions or having enough confidence to deal with techsupport 

4)   I will be glad to write then submit a product specification type of 
document describing details of my thoughts as an outline to begin more 
specific discussions, if anyone would indicate the interest in working 
with us. As implied, the end product of this effort will be a utility 
distributed to mass consumers for them to enjoy network services because 
they will be able to "manage" the very basics of  their own network.

I look forward to any thoughts and comments.


Abe (2008-12-16, 15:03)
Skype: Abraham.Y.Chen

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