[Udpcast] Two questions

Alessandro Sardo sandro.sardo at polito.it
Wed Sep 19 11:33:39 CEST 2007


I am evaluating UDPcast for cloning a whole LAN. It seems to be a 
wonderful program, although I have a couple of problems.

question #1
In the changelog page, it is reported that version 20070622 fixed a lzop 
blocksize issue. Since I always use lzop compression, I guess I should 
update to this latest version... but I cannot find it anywhere. I always 
use cast-o-matic to generate a custom ISO, but it generates one with the 
old 20070602 version. Would it be possible to update cast-o-matic to the 
latest one or make a ready-made ISO bootable CD image available somewhere?

question #2
When I clone many PCs, I always get many retransmissions in full-duplex 
mode. In the tuning hints page, it is suggested to lowering the slice 
size with the "--slice-size" option. How can I do that via cast-o-matic? 
What's the config parameter to change and what do you suggest as a safe 

Thanks very much for your inputs!

- AS

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