[Udpcast] Fwd: optiplex 745 and keyboard problems

Alain Knaff alain at knaff.lu
Tue Jan 30 09:19:23 CET 2007

Chad Brogan wrote:
> I finally figured out the problem.  Thanks to all those who responded.
>  In case you're in the same boat, here are the details:
> After discovering the cast-o-matic tool (absolutely brilliant), I got
> the idea to put in some modprobe commands in the "commands to be
> executed before the udpcast menu" box on the second cast-o-matic page.
>  I put in the following commands:
> modprobe uhci-hcd
> modprobe ohci-hcd
> modprobe usbkbd
> I'm not sure which or if all of them fixed the problem, but I was then
> able to use the keyboard when booting udpcast.

These instructions are now in the udpcast start scripts, so it should 
work automagically now.

> So far the software has worked great!  goodbye zenworks, hello udpcast.

Thanks for the enthusiasm ;-)


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