[Udpcast] Problem Multicasting Dell GX620s

Jon Miller jmiller7 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 10 19:00:20 CET 2007


Thanks for the suggestion, but these are actually desktop machines and don't
have a wireless card.  I'm starting to think the problem might be with the
switch, but I'm not sure how to test it.


On 1/10/07, D G Teed <dteed at artistic.ca> wrote:
> We have D620s from Dell.  I included the wireless support
> module simply so we could grab the MAC from it for our
> notebooks database (we run a wget in the busybox shell
> against a web server CGI to send up this data before imaging).
> In our case, the Linux kernel was crashing if the wireless
> antenae was powered on (small switch on side of notebook),
> so we made sure that switch was off prior to booting
> the clients.
> --Donald Teed
> On Wed, 10 Jan 2007, Jon Miller wrote:
> > I decided to try this program on a lab of 25 GX620s with SATA drives and
> > broadcom 57xx gigabit NICs.  I'm not sure why, but when I start a group
> of
> > machines the transfer process goes along at a fast pace
> (~75Mb).  However,
> > the process always seems to fail at different places during the
> transfer,
> > usually at about 800MB to 1.3GB of data.  Sometimes it will recover and
> > start going again, but usually it just stops and all the clients are
> > dropped.  I used udp-sender.exe on a Windows machine to transfer a
> GZIP'd
> > image created with G4U.  I know the image is good, because I routinely
> use
> > it to unicast single PCs.  On the target machines, I used the
> cast-o-matic
> > tool and selected all the SATA and NIC modules with Automatic detection.
> > The machines get an IP address and /dev/sda is detected  Also, I
> verified
> > IGMP snooping is enabled on the switch.
> >
> > I have tried limiting the --max-bitrate to 40M.  I'm running in 100Mbit
> mode
> > --half-duplex (that's how the Summit 400 switch is setup).  I've tried
> using
> > the option on cast-o-matic to force IGMPv2 mode, because I'm not sure if
> our
> > switch could be the issue.  I also tried the udp-sender program from
> Ubuntu
> > (was the version from the default repositories.. might be old).  It had
> the
> > same problem as the Win32 version.  Although, the console had a lot more
> > errors than the windows version... I would get streams of Timeout
> > notAnswered notReady, etc messages in the console when the process would
> > halt.  I've also tried setting the SATA mode in the BIOS to Combination.
> >
> > Anyone encountered this problem before or have a suggestion?  I'd really
> > like to use this program, because it seems perfect for my purposes
> (imaging
> > labs).
> >
> >
> > Thanks for any help or advise,
> > Jonathan Miller
> >
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