[Udpcast] Using UDPCast for transferring files...

Forrest Aldrich forrie at forrie.com
Tue Feb 27 19:17:59 CET 2007

Where I work, we have a regular series of large (20gig) and small (*.rm) 
media files that we often need to transfer en masse to other systems.  
It makes sense to find a tool that can do this with multicasting...  
this isn't really doing any OS imaging or installation, however.

I'm concerned about leaving UDPCast running; even though it's on a 
private network, it's wide open (potential security issues).

In any case, can it recursively copy a directory structure or must you 
supply it with individual file names, etc.

For example, we have a "media" directory where new files are deposited, 
and those must be mirrored exactly to the other systems, under the same 
directory structure.

And to add spice to this, we're transferring from Unix to Windows 
Servers (which uses Cygwin) ;-)


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