[Udpcast] Throttle output "on demand" (Was: Exiting udp-receiver ...)

Alain Knaff alain at knaff.lu
Fri Feb 9 10:04:50 CET 2007

David Crider wrote:
> Hello group, This is my first post and wanted to thank everyone and the 
> author(s) for their hard work.
> I work in the broadcast industry and have been developing Datacast 
> solutions for KET. Well, after seeing this project I realized that this 
> could replace our propitiatory software. The only hurdle is to be able 
> to throttle the output on demand, as the one- way stream and forward 
> error correction system has been implemented. I will get details on the 
> throttling procedures for the group if anyone is interested. The 
> hardware that it needs to talk to is a Logic Innovations IPE (IP 
> Encapsulator) that embeds the IP traffic in the 19.39 Mbit data stream. 
> I can give more info on request.
> David Crider
> Special Projects Engineer
> Kentucky Educational Television

Right now, you can already set the data transmit rate using the 
--max-bitrate setting

But probably what you are looking for is a way to dynamically change it 
during transmission? I'll think about a way to implement that. Maybe by 
accepting control packets over a second UDP port which contain commands 
to set bitrate to a new value?


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