[Udpcast] Option --full-duplex

Bruno Sampayo bruno at samurai.com.br
Mon Apr 30 17:01:09 CEST 2007

    I use the udpcast to send packages to many clients (udp-receiver). 
So my udp-receiver  command line is:
#udp-receiver --interface tap0  --nokbd --file U2.wmv

Sender line is:
#udp-sender --nopointopoint --interface tap0 --log logudp --nokbd 
--autostart 5 --file U2.wmv --full-duplex

My udp-receiver has two kinds of connection: satellite 
links(low-latency) and local links (high-latency).

So Could I use the option --fullduplex on udp-sender line?

Thanks for any help,
Bruno Sampayo

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