[Udpcast] Kernel rebuild

Darin MacLachlan dmaclachlan at Hatsize.com
Wed Sep 13 15:41:51 CEST 2006

Thanks for the response,
I found the problem, I was using the old version of the linux file so it was looking for the old file structure for the module drivers.

I'm still fighting with trying to get the kernel to load the cciss scsi module, not as a module but part of the kernel.  The HP systems need the cciss as part of the starting kernel.  


Darin MacLachlan
System Engineer
Hatsize Learning Corporation

From: 	Alain Knaff <alain at knaff.lu>
To:	Darin MacLachlan <dmaclachlan at Hatsize.com>
Date: 	09/13/06 5:01 AM
Subject: 	Re: [Udpcast] Kernel rebuild

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Darin MacLachlan wrote:
> [...] When I use the makeImage script, I alway run into an [LF by AK]
> error where the script is building the modules from the [LF by AK]
> old folder and not the folder [LF by AK]
> where the modules are located.  

You can pick the kernel using the - k flag.
For example, if you prefer the kernel, do:

makeImage - k /boot/vmlinuz- ...

N.B. The script is *not* building the modules, it rather expects them to 
already be present in /lib/modules/ beforehand.
You can do that by calling "make modules_install" in your kernel source 
directory before calling makeImage



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