[Udpcast] Kernel rebuild

Darin MacLachlan dmaclachlan at Hatsize.com
Tue Sep 12 21:19:20 CEST 2006


I have been testing UDPCast to replace an existing Opforce server for imaging Windows Boxes.

I have been able to successfully run my tests in a VM Environment.  How I'm working on the actual physical boxes that the system will be using.  There are HP DL360 servers.  I've run across a problem where I'm unable to access the Hard drive connected to the HP SCSI Array.  I've found the proper block (it uses the cciss driver) in the modules folder from the kernel download.  I have been unsuccessful with getting the cciss driver to load in order to access the harddrive.  So i found in the archives a series of emails that discuss how to build a custom kernel.  I have been able to create the kernel with the SCSI drive enabled and the cciss block enabled as part of the kernel.  When I use the makeImage script, I alway run into an error where the script is building the modules from the old folder and not the folder where the modules are located.  

I have had a look at the script, but cannot seen to find the area where the modules folder is specified.  I noticed that there is a -N option listed in the script ( to point to the modules folder), but this errors out as well.

Can you supply any insight or can you modify the Castomatic web site to allow this driver to be loaded as part of the kernel?


Darin MacLachlan
System Engineer
Hatsize Learning Corporation

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