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On 27 Apr 2006 at 20:50, Mike Drew wrote:

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> Hello everyone,
> I recently started using udpcast and so far am very impressed. I am
> however having a problem. When I try to udpcast to 5 clients, 1-3
> typically give an error similar to the following:
> Timeout notAnswered=[2,3,4] notReady=[2,3,4] nrAns=2 nrRead=2 nrPart=5
> avg=10152

I have seen a similar issue, but in my case, it appears that one of my 
classroom systems has a hard drive that isn't able to keep up with the 
transfer speeds as well as the other machines when it comes to the blank 
space on the hard drive. I use the --max-bitrate=60M to get it to have 
minimal error messages. When not imaging that machine, I can usually set it 
to 80M and not get any or very few of these messages. Never seen any 
problems with this message, but it does slow down things. I know it is the 
hard drive, since I swapped it between two machine, and it moved with the 
drive. Exactly the same drive model, so,  it is that particular drive.

> I've tried adjusting the transmission speed, multicast addresses, starting
> the clients before the server or vise-versa. So far it appears to be
> random which clients decide to "answer" and be "ready". Sometimes they all
> work, sometimes 4 work, sometimes only 1 works, etc.
> the lab I am working in is connected though a cisco 4006. From what I have
> read cisco uses a proprietary IGMP implementation (called CGMP), could
> this be a cause of some of the problems I am having?
> If anyone has any insight into this problem please reply.
> Thank you,
> Mike
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