[Udpcast] kernel options for /dev population

D Teed dteed at artistic.ca
Tue Apr 25 18:17:08 CEST 2006


I'm doing a PXE boot with very new notebook model (Dell D620)
and so I needed the most up to date kernel possible.  I started
with the udpc-config-2.6.16 and used make menuconfig to
take out the drivers I won't need in networking and SCSI, etc.

I'm wondering if I removed an option needed for devfs or whatever
it is that would populate /dev in busybox environment.

Initially I had the error "unable to open an initial console".
I added a dev/console with mknod dev/console c 5 1
from the cpio archive and make a new init with genromfs.

That got me a little farther, to:

init started: Busybox v1.1.1 ....
init: Bummer, can't write to log on /dev/vc/5

and the system can't arrive at a udpcast menu nor shell.

It is looking to me like I need something in my
kernel options that should auto populate /dev.

Can anyone suggest what I'm missing?

--Donald Teed

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