[Udpcast] Speed and number issues

Lasse Riis lists at lasseriis.dk
Wed Jun 29 19:07:59 CEST 2005


Well so far so good, now our gbit switch is finally playing nice. So'i 
attempted to udpcast all 36 clients simultaneously. This didn't work, 
usually after a few gigs or so udpcast will output Timeout 
notAnswered=[x] where x is a random client (34 and 22 so far). So now 
I'm just broadcasting to 12 to see if that'll work, hoping it might work 
with 24 too. What culd be the cause of this issue? And can I fix it with 
some parameters.

Also there's definately a speed issue, they're all gbit NICs and it's a 
gbit switch, but with 36 nodes they run at ~76 Mbps and with 12 it's 
~114 Mbps. With a crossed cable between two machines I can get ~360 
Mbps. Any ideas on how to speed things up?

Lasse Riis

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