[Udpcast] Automatic reboot and DHCP-timeout

Lasse Riis lists at lasseriis.dk
Tue Jun 28 16:05:09 CEST 2005

D Teed wrote:
> I don't know about the Cisco switch aspect, but we had
> a similar problem with buggy tg3 ethernet device drivers
> which sounds similar.  Our solution was to use ipappend 1
> at the head of the default file for the udpcast PXE boot.
> This forces it to reuse the initial DHCP address rather than
> request it again.
We're using the tg3 driver...so maybe this catalyst switch is not the 
crappiest piece of equipment in the world after all. We'll see I guess.

But I already had iappend 1 in my default file, and I tried moving it to 
the top (if that makes any difference) but there's no luck. So I'm going 
for an ipmac file. We only use dhcp for pxe-booting anyway.

> The reboot should be possible by making a udpreceiver.post
> shell script within your image.  Busybox includes a reboot command,
> which may work for you.
Yeah, I know about the .post script from the mailling list. But I can't 
figure out how to put them in the initrd (Though  I've read about the 
makeSomething-script), and I have no idea how to --merge a new symlink?

Michael D. Setzer II wrote:
 > Question. How are you running udpcast? It would appear that you
 > are not using the floppy method. If you are having problems with the
 > dhcp, why not create an ipmac file,and have the machines get the ip
 > addresses without even using dhcpd..

We're running it via PXE-boot only (well the sender is booted from cd-rom)
I will try the ipmac file, this however I don't know where or how to put 

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