[Udpcast] Automatic reboot and DHCP-timeout

Lasse Riis lists at lasseriis.dk
Tue Jun 28 13:48:35 CEST 2005


I have 2 problems with udpcast currently:

1. I need to make the nodes reboot automatically efter udprcv has run.
(Otherwise I'll need a ladder to go around and reboot 36 nodes :) ) I
don't know how I do this I've tried unzipping and "un-cpio-ing" the
initrd but averything seems to be embedded in busybox, so I don't know
what to add. Is there a "recipe" for this somewhere.

2. We are using a Cisco switch here, which has an annoying habbit of
closing ports once linux releases the device just prior to a dhcp
discover request. The port won't get opened till at least 5-6 seconds
later. Hence udpcasts automatic dhcp-attempt fails. Is there a way to
increase the number of tries, or the timeout? The netwait= option is no
good here, because the port gets closed just when the dhcprequest is
initialised, so I need 5-6 secs from there. And this I guess can only be
done with a higher number of tries or a higher timeout.

Lasse Riis

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