[Udpcast] [PATCH] Syslog use

Ramon Bastiaans bastiaans at sara.nl
Fri Oct 15 16:49:19 CEST 2004

Hi all,

I don't know if this should be applied to the source tree, but perhaps
some people will find this patch useful (I know we do).

We wanted some additional logging from udpcast to debug our casting
sessions, because it seems that the only thing logged to its logfile is
messages like this: 

"Doubling slice size to 1024"

We also prefer syslog in stead of the separate file for logging

So I wrote this little patch. 

It logs more information (very usefull for udpcast's running in the
background on a image server) and it logs it to syslog.

Information being logged:
* New connections
* Why a cast starts (is min clients reached or max wait passed, etc)
* Transfer start (+ what file,pipe,port,if,participants)
* Transfer complete
* Disconnects

See attached .patch

Kind regards,

Ramon Bastiaans
SARA - Academic Computing Services    
Kruislaan 415                         
1098 SJ Amsterdam                                               

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