[Udpcast] making a custom boot disk

Eric Becker Eric.Becker at wwt.com
Tue Sep 30 23:58:39 CEST 2003

I have some hp pc's that I'm trying to udpcast.  They have broadcom
netxtreme network cards which don't seem to be supported by the default
boot disk, nor by the net-mod.tar.gz secondary floppy.  

I followed the directions here
http://udpcast.linux.lu/current/makeImage.html#kernelCompile on making a
custom boot disk by compiling my own kernel.  

Before doing anything I edited the Makefile and changed the
"extra-version" parameter.  I just deleted what was there and put in
"-udpcast".  I do a cd /usr/src/linux/2.4.20-20.9.  Then I copy the
udpc-config.txt file to this dir and name it .config.  Next I do a "make
oldconfig" which runs fine and so does the "make dep".  However; when I
do a "make bzImage" it runs for a while and then it stops with errors
regarding devfs?  What am I doing wrong?

I even tried to download the RPM with a pre-compiled kernel and its
modules, but I'm unsure what do with it.  Can someone please point me in
the right direction?  All I need is a boot disk with the Broadcom
drivers that gets me udpcasting.

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