[Udpcast] Re: Udpcast Alternative Boot Disks

John Allison John_Allison at abss.k12.nc.us
Thu Mar 13 16:25:12 CET 2003

rauch at inf.ethz.ch writes:
>On Wed, 12 Mar 2003, Andrew Cooks wrote:
>> My next step is to recompile everything on my boot disk, using ulibc. Then
>> there should be enough space to include a compression program on the boot
>> disks, without using higher densities. I expect this should make quite a
>> difference as well, seeing as the cpu is now free to do this kind of
>> thing. I'm just not sure whether it's really possible to compress data
>> fast enough. Gzip is not fast enough on the hardware I have. It would have
>> to be faster than 95Mb/s to be of benefit in this situation.
>I doubt that compression will give you any improvement. With
>compression, the CPU and the memory subsystem become the bottlenecks
>quite quickly. In my own experience, with compression there are simply
>to many memory copy operations [1].
>- Felix
>[1] http://www.cs.inf.ethz.ch/~rauch/index.html#CCPE2002
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when your are compressing the image, are you makeing a smaller imafe file.  i
use udp cast to store my images and a server.  if i used no compression, what
would the file size be?  i have yet to try it.  i always just compressed.

(John Allison †)

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