[Udpcast] alternative boot disks

John Allison John_Allison at abss.k12.nc.us
Mon Mar 10 20:29:39 CET 2003

acooks at cs.up.ac.za writes:
>I built a custom boot disk with a 2.4.20 kernel, dhcpcd and 3c59x and 
>eepro100 support and just the receiver, it fits on a standard 1.44MB 
>floppy. There is also a sender available with the same specs.
>Anyone interested?
>I'm also having a little problem. I'm not sure if anything is actually 
>happening, because neither sender nor receiver prints anything to screen 
>after "press any key to start" and the subsequent keypress.
>One last thing: Is udpcast still in active development?
>Andrew Cooks
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i don't know if udp cast is in actice development but i am still trying to get
it to work with the new gigabit ethernet cards from intel.  there are to many
e1000.o drivers to try and i have not got any to work yet.  i need the driver
to go with a dell gx260 and sff gx260.  any kind words would be helpful.

(John Allison †)

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