[Udpcast] RE: Suse 7.3 Boot Disk

Mike McCall mccall at rrdo.rrps.k12.nm.us
Wed Feb 26 16:22:19 CET 2003

In regard to the Suse 7.3 boot disk and its issues with APIC (noted here:
http://www.udpcast.linux.lu/pipermail/udpcast/2002/000008.html), I believe
that the kernel is the problem.  When I replaced the kernel on the boot disk
with one from the latest SuSe boot disk, 8.1, I did not receive the above
mentioned error.  However, I am still having problems with the network card
being detected with the UDPcast CD, although it is detected with the SuSe
8.1 boot disk.  Can anyone with a working SuSe 8.1 installation recompile
linuxrc, and possibly post the files?  I really like the simplicity of the
pre-made disks, and would love to use them.  Thanks for your help.

Mike McCall
Computer Technician
Rio Rancho Public Schools
(505)896-5996 x231 

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