[Udpcast] makeImage

Alain Knaff alain.knaff at lll.lu
Sat Dec 20 10:29:11 CET 2003

begin  Friday 19 December 2003 19:02, Randy Reames quote:
> Is there something that I might be missing that would not be explained
> on the site to build a udpcast cd from my own kernel? I am using a
> RedHat 9 box and also have access to a Debian testing computer.
> I have tried everything I can think of and have read everything on the
> site. I tried using the floppy and putting the megaraid and scsi modules
> on a second floppy. But I can't find where to load the modules form the
> second floppy. When I choose the load other modules form the menu those
> are not listed, just all the net modules.
> All I really need is the same thing as the regular cd only with megaraid
> and raid 5 support in the kernel or available as modules.
> thanks

How exactly did you install the udpcast tools on your system? From the
RPM (recommended?). Or otherwise?

Could you check that:
 - you have the genromfs utility present on your system
 - the kernel you are inserting has a corresponding
 /lib/modules/<kernelName> directory on your system.
 - the /usr/lib/udpcast/tmpl directory is present

Could you also check what is in your initrd (obviously, not much,
given its small size, but it might be interesting to check what it
contains). Procees as folows (assuming you have the INITRD in your
current directory):

$ mv INITRD initrd.gz
$ gunzip initrd.gz
$ su
# mkdir tmp
# mount -o loop initrd tmp
# ls -lR tmp

Also, could you mail me the output of running makeImage under strace:

strace -o /tmp/log.mkimage ./makeImage -k /usr/src/linux-2.4.21/arch/i386/
boot/bzImage -c udpcast.iso

The strace output is then in /tmp/log.mkimage; could you gzip and mail
me that file?



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