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Randy Reames randy at reames.org
Fri Dec 19 19:02:23 CET 2003

Is there something that I might be missing that would not be explained 
on the site to build a udpcast cd from my own kernel? I am using a 
RedHat 9 box and also have access to a Debian testing computer.

I have tried everything I can think of and have read everything on the 
site. I tried using the floppy and putting the megaraid and scsi modules 
on a second floppy. But I can't find where to load the modules form the 
second floppy. When I choose the load other modules form the menu those 
are not listed, just all the net modules.

All I really need is the same thing as the regular cd only with megaraid 
and raid 5 support in the kernel or available as modules.


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