[Udpcast] no init found

Randy Reames randy at reames.org
Wed Dec 17 20:48:53 CET 2003

I was able to compile a kernel with support for the megaraid controller 
but then it kernel panics with no init found.

I loop mounted the iso and got this:
2048 Dec 17 13:20 boot.catalog
1359 Dec 17 13:20 INITRD
9652 Dec 17 13:20 ISOLINUX.BIN
80 Dec 17 13:20 ISOLINUX.CFG
755417 Dec 17 09:43 LINUX

the INITRD is a lot smaller here than on the cd image I downloaded. Is 
there something I am missing to include in the makeImage?
I am doing the
# ./makeImage -k /usr/src/linux-2.4.21/arch/i386/boot/bzImage -c udpcast.iso

Getting closer to cloning these servers. Thanks

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