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Eric Becker Eric.Becker at wwt.com
Fri Dec 5 02:02:33 CET 2003

Ahhh...I see. Thank you for the reply.

I have gotten a custom compiled kernel (with my bcm5700 net drivers) to work using the makeImage utility.  I can successfully create floppy and cdrom utilites that work with my hardware.  I can also boot using PXE with my custom kernel. 

However, I would like to include hdparm in initrd. I'm using the following syntax when running makeImage  "./makeImage -k /usr/src/linux-2.4.22/arch/i386/boot/bzImage -c /tftpboot/udpcast/images/udpcd.img -i /tftpboot/udpcast/initrd --bzip -m bcm5700 --merge /bin/hdparm=/sbin/hdparm".  I boot up my PXE client and go to the console and type /sbin/hdparm, but I get "no such file or directory.  I can see the file if I do an ls, but I can't execute it.  Any ideas?

>>> Stefan Jaeckel <jaeckel at wiwi.uni-halle.de> 12/04/03 01:51 AM >>>

the network driver has nothing to do with UNDI, after pxe (kernel and
initrd loading) you have got a normal linux booting process with a
Be shure, that you have copied the driver module from /lib/modules/<your
kernel>/kernel/drivers/net/<your nic>.o onto your initrd. If you can
boot the "master" system for the pxe-image from hd or cdrom, type
"lsmod", to find out which network driver is loaded. It would be one of
"/lib/modules/<your kernel>/kernel/drivers/net/<your nic>.o". You can
also look into /var/log/messages or boot.msg on your pxe-system, to find
an error message about the missing module. Or compile the network driver
directly into a new kernel ("lspci -v" on the master system is also


Eric Becker schrieb:
> I'm able to load the pxe images for udpcast successfully on my network
> clients using tftp and dhcp.  However, I'm running into a problem
> loading a network driver. Is there any undi driver built into the pxe
> image or do I need to compile my own kernel with support for one?
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