[Udpcast] pxe undi network driver

Alain Knaff alain.knaff at lll.lu
Wed Dec 3 23:52:50 CET 2003

begin  Wednesday 03 December 2003 21:08, Eric Becker quote:
> I'm able to load the pxe images for udpcast successfully on my network
> clients using tftp and dhcp.  However, I'm running into a problem
> loading a network driver. Is there any undi driver built into the pxe
> image or do I need to compile my own kernel with support for one?
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When booting with PXE, network drivers (used by udpcast itself) are
handled the same way as with booting from floppy or cdrom: they come
out of the initrd. No need to compile them into the kernel. Just
include them into initrd the same way as you would into the initrd on
floppy. These are just normal Linux network card drivers, not UNDI.

As for the drivers needed by PXE itself (in order to load the kernel
and the initrd): this depends on your PXE Rom. Normally, your PXE rom
comes with your machine (usually present on motherboard with builtin
network interface) and supports its own network interface.

There are a number of PXE booters to write on floppy (Argon/Rbfg,
...), usually they have some way of picking a network driver for PXE



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