[Udpcast] Quesiton on Kernel builds?

Michael D. Setzer II mikes at kuentos.guam.net
Tue Oct 28 16:59:36 CET 2008

I just build some new udpcast cd images, and noted that the ATA drives are now showing up 
as sda instead of (hda) in the older version.The same issue occurred some time ago with 
Fedora. Don't recall the exact version where it changed. 

I maintain the g4l disk imaging project, and include the udp-sender and udp-reciever on it, 
but also recommend using udpcast for doing many machines at once. I actually create 
images on my servers via g4l and ftp, but the use udpcast to image the lab machines from 
one to many. 

For the g4l, I've build the kernel with everything built into the kernel, which makes a single 
file, and the cd has a number of various kernels since some work with one setup of 
hardware, while others may not. Except for one scis_wait something modual that always 
builds as a modual, it is just the single bzImage files that I rename. Have currently created 
images up the This seems to work fine, and make the cd image easy to add, but it 
still has the ATA disk coming up as (hda). Not a problem, but I've had a couple of users say 
they are getting very slow disk performance on some setups. On my own machine, I seem to 
see no difference in speed, but I'm wondering if on some systems, it is selecting a slower 
compatible disk driver or something. At one point, I had a user with a SIS5513 controller that 
required a kernel patch to get higher speeds, but believe that was resolved in an updated to 
the kernel source that was suppose to get the correct bus speed.

Wish I had more info on building kernels.


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