[Udpcast] hi all, what can i do now?

Alain Knaff alain at knaff.lu
Fri Oct 17 12:01:21 CEST 2008

javier.chen wrote:
> I have compiled a good busybox(the menu and udpcast added), and also
> compiled a .rom file for my etherboot.
> And i want to make udp-sender/receiver run before linux start.
> Then what should I do?  To put busybox into rom? or other things?
> Please.

A .rom file is used to enable your network card to boot from the network.
You need to flash it into the card's EPROM, you should either check your
network card's documentation, or the etherboot website for instructions on
how to do this. Please note however, that nowadays, most network cards are
already to boot from network out of the box, so you might not need this
step, and the .rom file at all.

Once you have a card capable of booting from the network, you need to set
up your server.

1. Make sure you've got a dhcp server, and that it's configured correctly
2. Make sure that you've got a tftp server . Prefer to use tftpd-hpa rather
than plain tftpd
3. Set a filename to boot from in your dhcp.conf by adding the following
instructions, and restart your dhcp server:

  filename "pxelinux.0";

where is the IP address of your tftp server. If the tftp server and
the dhcp server reside on the same machine, you can drop that line.

4. Copy pxelinux.0 (from syslinux) to the /var/lib/tftpboot directory on
your tftp server.
5. Copy linux and initrd (from http://udpcast.linux.lu/current) to the same
6. make a /var/lib/tftpboot/pxelinux.cfg directory and put a default file
in it with the following contents (between, but not including, the lines):

DEFAULT udpcast

LABEL udpcast
        kernel linux
        append initrd=initrd




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