[Udpcast] Trouble with connection

m.forster m.forster at advanced-business-solutions.de
Mon May 5 09:59:41 CEST 2008

Hi all,


we have some trouble with establishing a connection over different

The server (sender) is located in one VLAN ( and the
clients (receiver) are located in

Between the VLANs work 2 routers (Cisco equipement, Switches are Cisco,
too), but i can't see a connection when i start the sender.

We use an PXE image to boot-up, the server is running under Ubuntu 6.06.
Multicasting between the VLANs is enabled.

I think this is a problem with broadcasting. Does anyone know what we
have to do? I tried already the ttl option, connection

was found but the transfer did not start. I get directly a timeout and
he can't transfer anything.


Thanks in advance for an quick answer!




Markus Forster



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