[Udpcast] multicast and igmp snooping how to ?

roudoud0u at free.Fr roudoud0u at free.Fr
Mon Feb 18 16:13:06 CET 2008

Hi all,
I would thanks everyone involved in developping this fine software.
It took me a while to believe the throughput achieved by updcast and
how well works the multicast restoration option !  
But despite enabling the "igmp snooping" option, i still didn't succeed
to configure my switch (an hp procurve 2524) to not broadcast the
multicast flow on all port that are up ( even on those where there's no
udp-receiver client running :-/ )
As i don't know much about IGMP and after reading here and there that
this functionnality is buggy on some switch implementation, would you
please help me debug this issue :-) (switch issue or configuration
issue ?) 
As i can also test some cisco switch, would you please list switches
where the IGMP snooping functionality is known to work ? 

Thanks in advance.

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