[Udpcast] Big Problem with cloned MACs

Pitt Leidner pitt.leidner at gmx.net
Sun Feb 17 14:28:51 CET 2008


Am Sonntag, 17. Februar 2008 schrieb D G Teed:
> This story is so strange 
yes ;-)
and BTW, thanks for your guidance 

> that I think we need to take a look at whether 
> it might be a false positive.
> Why do you say the MAC addresses are the same?
Cause something looked so strange, I looked at the DHCP-Server (OpenSuse 
10.3, running DHCP, TFTP, Apache2) to see at the log-files created by 
this DHCP Server. Usually, I give IPs depending on the MAC.

Windows told it, using the "ipconfig -all" command. Same then with knoppix 

Last and this is now my only reference to it, cause if checked that so 
often: The PXE-Boot of the BIOS tells it at boottime during the first 
screen, after PXE-Boot is up and before the PXE-Boot-menu comes up.

> What 
> actual commands or steps did you take which revealed the MAC
> addresses?  

> Is it ifconfig,
Yes, using any life CD like systools, knoppix, ...

> arp, 
didn't ry this one.

> looking at DHCP logs, 
Yes, this was my first sight to get an Idea, what was so strange (really, 
I never thought to have Problems with a MAC)

> etc?
I'm ready to use any additionally tool... 

> Whenever I see something which meets my disbelief I
> seek confirmation from another angle, in case the first tool
> is lying (picking up something from a file rather than live).
Good way! This is what I allmost going to try. But now, my different 
angles are gone :-( So any input is welcome!

> --Donald
> Pitt Leidner wrote:
> > Hi ML,
> >
> > happy to found this tool, I've got my first big problem with it.
> >
> > Using the multicast to clone a HDD to several Clients, the clients
> > take the MAC of the onboard NIC (NVidia nForce). After that, the
> > original MAC is gone and I'm not able to restore this.
> >
> > This fact has been a little difficult to find. Cause I thought, the
> > MAC ist Part of the NIC, not of the HDD, which has been cloned. So
> > how does it come?
> > And even how can I overcome this?
> >
> > Any Idea would be appreciated,
> >
> > TIA

yours sincerely


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