[Udpcast] Initrd - Cast-o-Matic issue with mount

Greg Hasseler ghasseler at gmail.com
Sat Jul 28 04:50:25 CEST 2007

My desired use of udpcast involves PXE booting machines. I am able to
successfully PXE boot, and I am also able to successfully image the
machines. However, I would like to further automate the process, which
involves implementing a post-setup script.

The easy way for me to achieve this (I have the script written) is to simply
use the Cast-o-Matic tool (which I do like). However, I have noticed a
discrepancy in the output of the initrd file from the Cast-o-Matic versus
the "ready prepared" initrd image available for download.

When using the ready made initrd, I am able to successfully mount the hard
drive. Mounting the hard drive is required so that my post setup script can
then make the necessary changes to key files. However, when using the
Cast-o-Matic generated initrd, I am unable to mount the hard drive. I am
given a mount command failed error. My desired behavior is that I would also
be able to mount the hard drive with this initrd.

What I would like to know is if the discrepancy can be fixed (only assuming
that there is one--maybe mismatched versions?--I don't know), or if there is
a way for me to make the "ready prepared" initrd work for my needs? To do
this, I would need to inject two files. I realize that most initrd files are
simply compressed with cpio and then gzipped. I see that this seems to be
the case with the Cast-o-Matic initrds. However, I do not seem to be able to
successfully decompress/extract the ready made one using the same technique.

I apologize for my long windedness. The target operating system is Gentoo
Linux. If any more information is required, please let me know and I will be
more than pleased to provide it ASAP.



Greg Hasseler
SUNYIT Computer Science Department

... Linux und seine Programme sind damit so etwas wie ein real existierender
Sozialismus der besseren Art ...
        -- Christian Seel in der Berliner Morgenpost v. 9.3.1997
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