[Udpcast] throttle output of udp-cast

David Crider dcrider at ket.org
Wed Dec 5 00:48:36 CET 2007

Is it possible to do dynamically throttled UPDcast transmission? We need 
to throttle the data flow to a Logic Innovations IP encapsulator (with 
LI's documentation attached with their permission).
The udpcast mutlticast address is considered a single route to the IPE. 
The IPE sends out flow-control messages (described in document) that 
shows how many bytes are available for traffic for each route every 100 
milliseconds in a multicastand comes from a user specified multicast of 
its own. Attached is the LI document, again with the manufactures 
permission. Also, you can contact Theo Aukerman,   taukerman at logici.com 
for any additional info.
I'm asking these questions because IF this is possible, then this would 
be an almost complete framework for an open source Data-casting network, 
and can be used for over the air data-broadcasting from any DTV 
transmitter or any other system with null packets. I currently work as 
an engineer for a TV station that does data transmission, but would like 
to move to an open source model.

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