[Udpcast] Problems with SATA

Alain Knaff alain at knaff.lu
Thu Oct 5 17:32:49 CEST 2006

MAAS Jean-Paul wrote:
> Hi there everyone,
> I am using UDPcast for quite some time with a huge success in our School.


> However as of today, as I tried to clone my first SATA Disk on an FSC Esprimo, suddenly nothing works as I was used to. On the sender it indicates that I have an ata_piix SCSI ... driver. When I start the transfer, after 2 or 3 second I'll always get an error message on my receiver indicating "Not enough space". This seems quite impossible as I am copying a 40 GByte SATA (even if uncompressed) to a 250 GByte image storage HD which is about 5% used.

Is "Not enough space" the actual message, or just a paraphrase? I'm a 
little bit puzzled, as this doesn't occur one single time in the source 
code... It's not sure it refers to the disk, it could be something else. 
In order to find out, I would need the exact message.

The complete message for running out of disk space would be "No space 
left on device". If it says sth else, it could be space in memory, in 
temporary buffers, or elsewhere...

> Does anyone have a clue what my problem could be and how I could solve it. I have 30 machines to deploy in the quickest ossible way.
> Thanx in advance for any help
> Sincerely
> Jean-Paul Maas
> Ecole Européenne Luxembourg II
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