[Udpcast] errors with --merge

Mycah Mattox mdm at spain.d8i.com
Tue Mar 7 21:31:04 CET 2006

I used the online image generator to make a pxe initrd that works great.

However, I'm trying to setup a script so the hard drives will be 
partitioned initially with parted.

I'm trying to use makeImage --merge with the existing initrd to put parted 
into my initrd image, but something weird is going on.

The initrd I download from the image generator on the website is 822172 
in size.

Then I run the following:

./makeImage -i initrd -k ../linux26 --merge /bin/parted=/usr/sbin/parted

and it reports:

ignoring '/lib/modules/' (lstat failed)
Using ramdisk 01:00

then the initrd is 468683

It doesn't seem to be injecting the file into the existing initrd, but 
rather rebuilding it from the template.

Is there something I'm missing on this?

I plan on using merge to also add a udpsender.pre, but I think it'll do 
the same until I get this issue resolved.

Thanks for your help.


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