[Udpcast] Feature Requests: named sessions and no timeout messages

Don Bright dbri.tcc at gmail.com
Tue Jun 27 00:03:01 CEST 2006

Dear UDP Casters,

First let me say thank you for making this program. It has enabled me
to completely get rid of Symantec Ghost and it's damnable boot
floppies, as well as extremely hard to understand licensing
arrangement (I was never sure if I had a legal copy or not, someone
else at the workplace just gave me a copy of it, and I couldnt get any
information on the license for it)

I have two feature requests.

The first is to have an option, something like --name, which would
provide a 'name' for each 'session', so that if two people are using
udpcast on the same network, they wont conflict with each other. I
know they could just use different ports, but names seem easier than
ports (and certain ports might be blocked or conflict with other

The second, is to have a command line option to stop the 'timeout'
messages on the sender. I'm sending 7 GB of data and getting 1%
timeout (maybe because im sending to some old machines) so you can
imagine the massive amounts of messages written to the console. I'd
like an option like --quiet or --hide-timeouts to stop this stuff.

I might make a patch later on, but I thought I'd through this out
there in ccase someone has already done it or its being planned. Thank

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