[Udpcast] cap=00000009 message once at beginning of transfer

Alain Knaff alain at knaff.lu
Tue Jun 20 16:55:39 CEST 2006

D G Teed wrote:
> Hi,
> We have a new notebook to image.  I have started
> testing of the send of the master, and initially
> the receiver got a message :
> received message, cap=00000009
> then it shows it is connected and the IP and
> the rest proceeds without a problem.
> The sender showed: Starting transfer: 00000009
> and then the stats on bytes transfered proceed without error.
> The connection is over a crossover cable - no switch/hub.
> Is there anything to be concerned with in that cap= message?
> --Donald Teed
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This message is normal. It shows the "capabilities" of the peers. 
Capabilities are a bitmap, so 9 means 1+8 = "new generation protocol" + 
"big endian" (network) byte order, which is the default nowadays.

So, nothing to worry about



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