[Udpcast] udpcast gzip and lzop

Thomas Kuehling thomas.kuehling at mapsolute.com
Tue Dec 27 16:04:26 CET 2005

Hi Pierre,

On Tue, 2005-12-27 at 12:25 +0100, Pierre CANAL wrote:
> Hello,
> I use udpcast for test. I make and image of /home with or without
> compression perfectly.
> But when I want to send image , if there is no compression it's Ok
> (some timeout notAnswered[0]...but finally it's ok)
> When  I use lzop or gzip, I get an error sometimes on the sender,
> sometimes on the sender :
> I have a lot of
> Timeout notAnswered=[0} notReady=[0] nrAns=0 nrReady=0 nrPart=1
> avg=8121 and so on...
> Dropping client because of timeout lzop <stdin> checksum error...
> or invalid operand PREEMPT and crash server ! process udp-sender
> Stack ... Call Trace ...
> or Gzip stop Bad EIPvalue SIGSEGV ....
> And strange thing ..
> With no compression the speed is 80Mbps
> with lzop 20 Mbps
> with gzip 7Mbps

i had the same problem and if i used a "server" to save the images and
use udp-sender with lzop or gzip, i got allways a timeout and the copy
fails. The performace with gzip was worst and with lzop much better,

My main problem is, that it is actually impossibile, to save images on a
server and copy them on a machine. I am still searching for a
solution. :-( 

> My CPU is an Athlon 2400+ (not so bad), I use kernel 2.6.8 on a Debian
> Sarge.

I used a Pentium IV 2,4 with 1 GB RAM in the server and fast S-ATA

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